Article by Dyro Web

A variety of metals are used to make street signs and mailboxes, and from all of them Aluminum has several advantages that make it perfect as a mailbox:

Corrosion – Mailboxes endure years of exposure to the elements. Aluminum is one of the few metals that develops its oxide coating and protects from corrosion. Since most mailboxes are painted or coated with some protection, it will take some serious damage to even being corroding. Manufacturers like California Mailboxes sell mailboxes in a variety of colors and finishes.

Weight – Aluminum weighs just a third of the weight of steel for the same quantity. It is light but strong metal that is perfect for mailboxes which are small and need durability.

Reflective – In addition to its natural resistance to corrosion, its weight, and durability, Aluminum is also an extremely reflective metal. Aluminum mailboxes will not get as hot under direct sunlight, protecting the contents from any intense heat.

Toxicity – Unlike some other metals, Aluminum is completely odorless, non-toxic and safe for the environment. It is the lack of toxicity that makes Aluminum such a popular metal for so many different purposes.

Recyclable – If for whatever reason, your Aluminum mailbox requires replacement, it will be 100% recyclable. It is perfect for the environmentally conscious, who will know that after years the materials will still be usable.