Article by Amazing Interior Design Ideas

small-bathroom-decoratingAre you faced with the challenge of re decorating your small bathroom? It is not an easy thing to do, but with the right choices your small bathroom will be your pride.

Choose a light color for the bathroom, as they make a room look larger than what it actually is. Use an off white or a light pastel shade.

Have plenty of light in the room. If you have a window use filmy curtains to ensure more light, and where possible install a sky light. Where there is limited natural light use wall scones placed on either side of the mirror and soft lighting placed on the ceiling.

Install a glass shower door instead of the shower curtain to add a more open and spacious feel to the bathroom as well as giving it a more contemporary look.

Choose small slim line vanities and cabinets, larger ones will use up more space giving it a smaller and crammed appearance.

Add vintage hooks to hang towels instead of a towel rack as this will give more space.

Build recessed nooks in to the wall for extra storage and keep them tidy and uncluttered. Use baskets to store your cosmetics without cluttering the bathroom.