Whether you have an existing outdoor furniture arrangement or are looking to set one up, here are some simple ideas that will help during the planning stages:


Not everyone can put together complementing colors. It could be for new furniture, outdoor replacement cushions, or even flowers. If you have any doubts about what colors to use, get a color wheel. The method is quite simple. Just choose one color and the complementary color from the opposite end of the wheel.


A nice touch that decorators use is to mimic the look of the inside of the house outdoors. This way, the outdoor and patio areas look like an extension of the house, maintain a uniform feel across the entire property. For example. Wicker Paradise carries large selections of tropical, contemporary and traditional rattan furniture collections that you can use to mimic what you have indoors.


You can throw general design rules out the window when setting up the space. As long as the colors in use don’t clash with either the area or each other, feel free to experiment. Try different combinations of everything from furniture placement to accessories.


Another good idea is to carry over the architecture of your home outside. Taking cues from your home is a simple and fast method of applying existing design principles to your outdoor area. For example, a house that follows a minimalist design language with lots of white and clean lines will benefit from a minimalist outdoor space.