Article by PC Walls 

Summary: Neglected mailboxes can look out of place and severely impact your curb appeal. Repaint it and have it be the spectacle it once was when you first purchased it.

An old mailbox can be a sight for sore eyes. Fortunately, you can revamp the overall appearance of your beloved little mailbox by repainting it. This guide will cover each step you need to take to achieve a brand-new appearance.

Remove the Mailbox from the Post

First off, you’ll want to remove the mailbox from the post. Check to see if there are any screws that are holding the mailbox in place. Then, wrap the mailbox flag with painter’s tape to prevent any paint from splattering on it.

Scrub it Clean

Take an all-purpose cleaner – which can be found in any hardware store – and thoroughly clean the mailbox to remove all the dirt, dust, and oils that have accumulated over the years – rural mailboxes tend to look pretty dirty after a good while. Rinse it thoroughly with water and allow it to dry for a good hour or so.

Begin Painting

If there’s paint or rust flaking off the surface, use sandpaper to remove it. Then, wipe it clean and inspect it to ensure that it’s smooth and free of chips. Take your paint of choice, which can be everything from a spray-on to a bucket, and paint using a sweeping motion from side-to-side. Allow the paint to dry for roughly a minute than continue to apply light coats until you are satisfied with the overall look of your box. Before you remove the painters tape from the flag, be sure that the paint is completely dried.