shadow-box-collectionArticle by Buddah Lounge

For a long time, family photo albums and scrapbooks have been the preferred method of storing all the photographs and mementoes of a lifetime. Nowadays, those photos can be scanned onto a computer and played back with a virtual slideshow. There are even digital frames that allow for these same kinds of slide shows. As for the mementoes, it is hard to “scan” those but there is a perfect solution for displaying those precious objects for everyone to enjoy and that would be with shadow boxes.

Shadow boxes are essentially three-dimensional display cases that in can turn simple objects like a ticket stub to a memorable event or seashells collected on a family vacation into a work of art. Creating shadow boxes is also a fun project that the entire family can enjoy. Once you embrace the shadow box way of displaying things, you might just find yourself being more of a collector. Everywhere you and your family travels to you’ll find small little touchstones that can instantly summon up a powerful memory of a time and place. It could be something as simple as a matchbook from a favorite restaurant or airline ticket stubs from the last family vacation. On those trips you can pick up items like vintage postcards, menus, flowers and other keepsakes which can all be arranged in shadow boxes.

The best approach to creating shadow boxes for display is to buy a professionally made, high quality shadow box and adapt it to your creative needs. There is no reason to fuss with building a shadow box from the ground up when you have so many exquisite varieties to choose from.

Once you’ve purchased your shadow boxes, gather up the keepsakes and photos you’re thinking about including. You’ll probably also should have some push pins, wood glue, craft clue or museum wax standing by at the ready. All of those items can be purchased at any craft store. Just tell the clerk you’re making shadow boxes and they’ll help you get all the adhesives you need.

Before you start gluing, lay out the objects and move them around. You can experiment with different configurations to see which will be the best combination. As you shop for shadow boxes, you’ll also discover many of them have mini-shelves within the box which allow you to create different memento platforms for your keepsakes. Don’t worry if you don’t think of yourself as artistically inclined. You’re simply placing objects together in a manner that is pleasing to you. The rest will take care of itself.

Beyond the shadow boxes, you might also want to find custom sized flag cases to display the special treasures. Flag cases are made in a classic triangle design to coincide with the way that memorial flags are officially folded. These flag cases can also have a commemorative plaque on the front of the case inscribed with special words describing the flag. Whether you’ll be displaying flag cases or shadow boxes, the goal is to proudly show off your memories.