Article Written by : Home Interior Advices

painting-wallpaperAre you planning on re decorating the interior of your house? This will be one of the many questions you will be faced with. Both are equally beautiful options, but here are some things to consider when making the decision.

1. If your wall is already and colored with a dark paint and you want to use a lighter color, it will be sensible to use wall paper or else you need to apply multiple coatings of the light color paint to cover the dark one underneath. This will be costly and time consuming.

2. If your house is a new and contemporary looking house, paint will be the better option whereas if the house is old, wall paper will add to the character of the house.

3. If you are doing the job yourself, painting is easier and less time consuming. With wallpapering you need be very patient as it involves the very delicate task of rolling out the bubbles.

4. If there are children and pets in the house it is advisable to use paint as this is easier to clean, whereas wallpaper can get damaged easily.

5. If the room has a lot of sunlight use paint as wallpaper will fade easily.