In the midst of a construction dispute, private mediation can save business and face. It’s a relatively painless way for two parties to make their cases known to a neutral third party, and to receive a solution that works out for both sides. Mediation carries several advantages, including less time wasted waiting for resolution.


Construction claims management is a delicate procedure that few outfits are prepared for. It involves careful documentation and record keeping. Failure to keep good records can affect the outcome, and even then it’s hard to tell if the dispute will resolve in your favor. You can go to trial, but it presents a huge risk to your company if a judgment is found against you. Mediation helps to mitigate some of that risk.


Mediation is a chance to present your case to a neutral third party, and it’s generally a lot faster than trial. One of the biggest costs in trial is paying your legal team to continue working for what can turn out to be months or years on end. Mediation is often over in a matter of weeks at most, and typically doesn’t carry attorney’s costs along with them.

Avoiding Trial

As any construction consultant will tell you, avoiding trial is one of the major reasons people choose to mediate disputes. You don’t get the kind of payout you get from trial, but you do get a fair decision and the opportunity to continue work without bad blood.

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