Summary: Storing your boat during the winter is a smart way of protecting it from the harsh weather. However, you must do more than simply put your boat in storage, if you want everything to work when you take it out when the weather warms up.


As the weather gets colder you will want to start thinking about taking your boat out of the water. The cold water could damage the exterior and potentially break important components, costing you thousands of dollars to repair.


Storing your boat during the winter unfortunately is not as simple as putting it in a warehouse for a few months. There are various steps you should take to make sure your boat will still be in solid working condition when spring comes around.


Disconnect Drive Belts


After you put your boat in storage there is a good chance it will be sitting still for several months. The cold air can damage the boat’s components, which could be dangerous when you try to start it up when the weather warms up. The drive belt, which is responsible for helping the boat run, could begin to crack and break if it is put under stress for an extended period of time. Disconnect the belt and place it somewhere safe before storing your boat.


Remove the Battery


Another step you should take when storing your boat is keeping your battery in good condition. If left connected, the battery can eventually drain and die. While the battery is not connected to the boat, periodically charge it up.


Wash and Wax Thoroughly


Even if you do not intend to take your boat out of your storage unit during the winter that does not mean your boat cannot get damaged. Clean both the interior and exterior of your boat, and then put a wax finish on the outside of the boat. Waxing your boat is important because it can prevent the boat from breaking down.


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