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If you know someone who loves making music, we’ve thought of several gifts they might appreciate getting. Here are our suggestions.


If your voice is the instrument of choice, you’ll need a high-quality microphone to share your gift with the world. AKG has developed a reputation for manufacturing clear, responsive microphones such as the AKG Lyra Ultra-HD.

Electric Guitars

Guitarists love the extra dimension that electric guitar effects add to their music. Fender electric guitars such as the Stratocaster have become iconic for their unique sound and performance.

Drum Sets

Rock and roll and modern music have evolved with driving rhythms of great drummers and percussionists. Drum sets like the Ludwig Breakbeats allow you to groove to the rhythms of your own percussion.


The piano’s ebony and ivory keys aren’t just for classical music anymore. With the right digital keyboard such as the Casiotone LK-S250, you can use the keys to make EDM, rock, and pop music as well.


If you know someone whose tastes lean more towards classical music, they might appreciate the compact elegance of an ornately crafted violin. You’ll find a great selection of string instruments at Fiddlershop.

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