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Everyone knows that living a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your health. Have you ever considered how that applies to the many hours that office employees spend sitting at a desk? Experts have studied the negative health effects of sitting, concluding that too much sitting can contribute to conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

In addition to living a more active lifestyle and taking regular standing breaks, office workers can also add more cushioning to their office chairs to reduce the negative effects of compression and pressure on their lower bodies. Sitting compresses the abdomen and circulatory system, which prevents those body parts from doing their jobs. New cushions can provide more comfort and support, along with distributing your weight evenly to mitigate the negative effects of compression.

You may not be able to cut open your office chair to add foam inserts, so you might have to create a DIY cushion of your own. First, be sure to buy the right type of foam for your needs at The Foam Factory. Choose your preferred firmness and thickness from the multiple foam types available. Follow the steps at to cut your foam and stuff your cushion. Bring your cushion to work and enjoy the increased comfort and health benefits.

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