Summary: Natural grass has been a very popular surface for home lawns because they keep the house looking fresh and welcoming. However, there are some benefits to switching to artificial grass that are worth considering.

Natural grass has long been the go-to option for decorating one’s front yard. When maintained well the grass can do wonders for the overall appearance of the house. A fresh lawn adds color to the house but natural grass may not be worth the investment of your time and money. Synthetic turf is a great-looking alternative that actually has some advantages over the traditional plant.

Little Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of using synthetic turf for your lawn is the almost nonexistent amount of maintenance that needs to be done to keep it looking fresh. Once the turf has been set up you do not need to keep an eye on it. Most manufacturers state that the material can last as long 20 years before needing to be replaced. The artificial grass can withstand water and you will not need to worry insects, weeds, and animals that oftentimes damage natural grass lawns.

Great for the Environment

Another benefit of artificial grass is how environmentally friendly the material is. Natural grass is very demanding and needs to be mowed and watered regularly to keep its neat, green appearance. Droughts and water shortages have forced some to think about which water uses are necessary.

With lawn maintenance accounting for nearly one-third of the water the average house uses, installing synthetic turf that does not require any watering to remain green seems like a no-brainer. If the grass in the lawn is only there for aesthetic purposes, then it might be wise to make the switch to save some money and help save the environment.

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