When a contractor feels there is a strong case in their favor, but the other party believes there are merits to a claim, the better option to resolve differences is through what is called construction mediation. A neutral party will help bring both sides to a mutually agreeable resolution, which can get a halted project moving again. The costs of taking a claim to court can be astronomical and detrimental to both sides in the dispute.

Bringing in a construction consultant can be one of the best ways for you to prepare for the mediation process. They will help ensure that the right people have been notified in a timely manner, such as any surety bond providers. Expert claims handlers with bond companies are experienced and will do all that they can to see that the odds are in your favor. Better preparation leads to a more positive outcome at the mediation table.

Utilizing the services of an expert consultant, such as Lyle Charles, will allow an honest look into the validity and strength of any claims brought forth. They can ask the hard questions before the mediation meeting. They will take the time to talk to all personnel involved and gather the necessary paperwork to strengthen your position.

Professional construction claims management will allow you to designate a leader that can bring all necessary elements together for a successful mediation. All available resources that are needed can be allocated right away. Being able to consult with experts in and outside of the company can be critical to a fair resolution of the claim.