Article Written by : Kirby Design

living-roomThere’s not doubt that undertaking a home improvement project can be both time-consuming and expensive.

However, there’s another way of going about this and that includes dealing with small projects at a time.

Not only aren’t they inexpensive but they can transform the look of a room for the better. So, here are 3 do-it-yourself projects:

#1: Spruce up the entrance

Since the entrance is what most visitors see first, it’s a good idea to add a few potted plants or even a fresh coat of bright paint. In the case of outdoor lighting, using iron fixtures will give it a vibrant look. Finally, as for color, either pick one that matches your interior decor or is a complete contrast.

#2: Upgrade the Light Fixtures

Take on one room at a time and change the light fixtures as you go. This will work out to be less expensive while improving the appearance of your home greatly. Using statement fixtures can be a great way to make your own unique statement.

#3: Do up the Fireplace

Even if a fireplace can add all that much more to your living room or even the library, there’s a lot of dust and dirt that comes with such an embellishment. For this, make sure you paint the room which will not only eliminate dirt but will also improve the appearance of the room too. It doesn’t matter if you choose to use the same color scheme or even contrast it with the room’s color. The other option is to add a painting or a beautiful mirror if you want to keep the exposed brick look.