choosing-the-right-floorFloor takes in all traffic inside a home, all types of spills, and the weight of furniture and other items. Floor can add life to the home by its color, tone, texture, style and warmth. Therefore, choosing the correct material for your floor is very important. There are many types of materials available for you to choose. Hard wood, carpet, laminate, tile and bamboo are some of the available of options for you. When selecting the right material for your floor you need to consider few basics.

Location: Avoid carpet in the dining room. You wouldn’t want a stone floor in the dining room either. Hardwood may work better in the dining room due to its give.

Cost: Hardwood and bamboo cost more than laminate. However, they can outlast laminate and contribute more to the value of your home.

Maintenance: Hardwood and bamboo require more care and attention than laminate.

Ease of installation: Laminate is easier to install than wood. If you are installing the floor, do your homework before you begin the project.

Durability: Hardwood and tile floors are more durable than carpet and laminate. Keep in mind that all types of floors do require regular maintenance.