When you set out look for a new door, you need to The-Pros-and-Cons-of-Door-Materialsthink about which material you will choose. The most popular materials include: wood, fiberglass, and steel. While each of them makes a great door, they also have their pros and cons.

Wooden Doors

With wooden doors you will get that all-natural, inviting touch to your house. Its aesthetic look is pleasing to the eye and can hide scratches or dents easily. Plus, they can be easily sanded and repaired.

Unfortunately, wooden doors can easily bend and bow. The amount of maintenance that you need to put into to a wooden door is more than fiberglass or steel. Wood’s ability to absorb moisture can also cause you to have mold problems. A portico is best for owners looking into purchasing wooden doors. Its protection from the elements is a must.

Steel Doors

If you are looking for the less expensive route, steel doors are for you. Significantly less expensive than fiberglass or wooden doors, steel doors are sturdy and provide a barrier against intruders looking to break in. They are great insulators and are perfect come winter time. Steel doors come in various thicknesses. They can be as thin as a soda can or as thick as a quarter.

Steel doors can easily be scratched and dented, which may cause some rusting if not taken care of. In order to protect the door from damage from the heat, steel doors must be painted a light, bright color. Although they can be designed to look similar to wooden doors, it does not give you the authenticity of wood, which might turn people away from this option.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are a good option if you are looking for low maintenance. Their inability to contract due to moisture makes them a good option for areas with harsh weather conditions. Depending on location, you can expect your doors to go 15-20 years without having to make repairs.

One thing to look out for is the quality of your fiberglass. If it is cheaply made, they may crack and force you to purchase another one. Their price range is $1500 to $2500, which are more than steel doors and are considered a hefty investment.

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