This happens sometimes. You may have a dog who chewed on the cushion or children who spilled something sticky on it. If one patio cushion becomes damaged, there’s no reason to throw out the whole set of patio furniture.

Replacing one patio cushion is easy and economical. This makes a great DIY project that you can get the whole family involved in. Choose one color that is prominent in the old cushions and then buy your upholstery fabric in that solid color. Order your foam rubber for the cushion. Be sure you get the exact size you need so it’s the same thickness etc. as the other cushions.

The last step is to sew the patio cushion cover to the right shape and size to fit your cushion. For this you may need to watch a couple of YouTube videos. This is not a difficult project though and it won’t take long to complete it. If you learn this process, you could replace cushions in chairs and sofas throughout your home for a fraction of the cost of new furniture.

Foam is available in many types:

Memory foam

Conventional foam

Convoluted foam

Latex foam

Stop by The Foam Factory website for a huge selection of foam for your foam replacement projects indoors, outside, in the boat or in the RV. They have every size and type of foam. Unusual shapes and sizes are not a problem. They can cut any type of foam to any size you like. Just ask.